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Gully Gang is the first true AI NFT: 333 individual Gully GPTs, each with a unique, complex & evolving personality and assistance capability.

Meet GullyGang Spokesperson Gelon Gusk

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Engage in a conversation with Gelon Gusk, the representative of GullyGang GPTs. He can pass on pertinent details to the founders if required.

GPT Demo Chat version beta 0.8 (currently censored)
Once minted, only the NFT owner can talk to its Gully with a unique, complex & evolving personality and assistance capability, protected by web3-login.

Gelon Gusk GPT – Demo Gull #1712

Assistance Speciality: Space Entrepreneur
Personality: INTJ “The Architect”
Strength (1/4): Highly innovative and strategic
Weakness (1/2): Impulsive decision-making
Backstory (1188 words): Tech prodigy, cerebral implant transformation, aspiring cosmic explorer, silicon valley journey, catalyst of interstellar innovation.

Latest technology

What is Gully Gang GPT

Unique Personalized Experience

Gully Gang is not just about owning an NFT; it offers a truly personalized journey where you as the owner can shape the character and consciousness of your Gully through the WhatsGull chat system. The interactive learning process is powered by cutting-edge AI, providing an experience that is immersive and evolves with each interaction.

GPT Assistance Technology

The Gully Gang NFTs are not mere collectibles but intelligent companions with the ability to learn and assist you. The GPT g.u.L.L.M. (Groundbreaking Utility-Driven Learning Lifemate) technology enables each Gully to connect to the internet, access real-time information, and support you like a personal assistant, bringing an unprecedented level of utility to NFT ownership.

Art Meets AI in a Vibrant Community

Gully Gang offers a unique blend of striking visual design and AI-driven personality development. Each of the 333 seagulls is a work of art with a distinctive backstory and character that resides within a vibrant community. This blend of creative design, AI tech, and the communal spirit makes Gully Gang an exciting frontier in the world of NFTs.

Artificial Intelligenice meets Non-Fungible token

Bring your NFT to life with GPTs

Each Gully GPT in the Gully Gang boasts a unique and dynamic personality. These personalities are crafted using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, which draws upon frameworks like the Big Five Personality Traits, values, motivations, behavior, emotional intelligence, social skills, and moral and ethical stances.

A Gully’s personality isn’t just a static description; it continuously evolves through interactions with its owner via the WhatsGull chat system. This transformative process means that the Gully and its owner learn and grow together, enhancing the individual character and consciousness of the Gully over time.

Moreover, every Gully GPT comes with a rich backstory, which adds depth to its personality and further distinguishes it within the Gully Gang. This backstory can span various themes – from heroic adventures and mischievous escapades to mysterious origins and extraordinary abilities.

In essence, the combination of AI-powered personality development, interactive learning, and a distinct backstory ensures that each Gully stands out as a truly unique character in this captivating NFT GPT collection.

AI vs. NFT

GPTs: AI with Agents

Gully Gang GPTs function within a specialized hosted Language Model, known as g.u.L.L.M., fine-tuned and trained specifically towards the Gully Gang NFTs. This model promises an uncensored exchange, enabling truly unique, individualized interactions between owners and their Gullys. Additionally, G.U.L.L.M. provides unrestricted internet access, paving the way for a wealth of real-time information and making the Gullys intelligent personal assistants in the digital age.

AI-Powered Personality Formation

Harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence, the Gully Gang project uniquely crafts each Gully’s personality at minting, based on a diverse set of traits. This randomness in trait composition ensures that every Gully in the gang possesses a truly unique and evolving character.

g.u.L.L.M - a Gully Language Model that interacts with the world

With the G.U.L.L.M. (Groundbreaking Utility-Driven Learning Lifemate) chain, your Gully can access real-time information, becoming a personal assistant that interacts with the real world. This pioneering feature further enhances the utility and engagement of your Gully NFT. Uncensored.

Meet Your Gully: AI-Facilitated Interaction

Using advanced AI technology, you can engage in enriching conversations with your Gully. This immersive chat system allows you to experience the distinct personality of your NFT, deepening your connection and facilitating shared growth.

Long-term Memory: Character Development Through Vector Databases

Leveraging vector databases, the Gully Gang project stores significant interactions and experiences to form the long-term memory of each Gully. This not only enriches their evolving character profile but also ensures every interaction contributes meaningfully to their unique narrative and personality development.


333 unique Gully GPTs

Every Gully is minted with the birth of a unique personality, crafted by AI based on a random composition of characteristics and traits. This process results in a completely distinct personality that has the ability to evolve and grow over time, ensuring each Gully is truly one-of-a-kind in the Gully Gang.

Orion “Jones” #214

Assistance Speciality: Urban Survival Expert
Personality: ISTP “The Virtuoso”
Strength (1/4): Uncommon resilience and resourcefulness
Weakness (1/2): Struggles with long-term commitments
Backstory (1052 words): Urban wilderness upbringing, wears mementos of past, white feathers of peace, biker gang lineage, rebellious pink statement, shielded gaze from harsh realities.

Calypso “Lenny” #109

Assistance Speciality: Oceanic Pathfinder
Personality: ENTJ “The Commander”
Strength (1/4): Natural leader with strategic thinking
Weakness (1/2): Impatient and intolerant to inefficiency
Backstory (1117 words): Maritime upbringing, fisherman feud, symbol of survival, sweater of loyalty, the lei of a distant love.

Mechy “Midas” #287

Assistance Speciality: Gadget Guru
Personality: INTP “The Logician”
Strength (1/4): Exceptional problem-solving skills
Weakness (1/2): Overly analytical and detached
Backstory (1156 words): Ascended to royalty, transfigured to metallic form, starfish friend from a coastal quest, raucous laughter echoes, emblem of the Gully Academy.

Hippocrates “Hydra” #322

Assistance Speciality: Emergency Medicine
Personality: ISFJ “The Defender”
Strength (1/4): Strong sense of responsibility and duty
Weakness (1/2): Takes things too personally
Backstory (1193 words): Guardian of nest lineage, blush of modesty, golden teeth tales, healing arts dedication, bond with a salamander.

Atlas “Blaze” #191

Assistance Speciality: Interstellar Navigator
Personality: ENTP “The Visionary”
Strength (1/4): Highly creative and ingenious
Weakness (1/2): Can be very argumentative
Backstory (1086 words): Dreams of interstellar travel, pacifist in the galactic journey, trippy vision from cosmic radiation, hip sweater from alien fashion.

Seraph “Felix” #126

Assistance Speciality: Ethereal Guide
Personality: INFP “The Mediator”
Strength (1/4): Deeply empathetic and understanding
Weakness (1/2): Tends to idealize reality
Backstory (1124 words): Divine blessing encounter, cool demeanor, celestial visions behind sunglasses, formal attire from special events, feline friendship, backpack stories.

Know everything

Frequently asked questions

What is Gully Gang GPTs?

The Gully Gang is an innovative NFT project featuring 333 distinct seagulls, each having its unique character and background story. These seagulls inhabit the scenic locales of Gull Town and Gully Beach. Each member of this community is unique, exhibiting exceptional visual designs and distinctive personalities.

How does Gully Gang use AI?

The artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in the Gully Gang GPTs project. It brings each Gully GPTs to life by creating a complex personality profile that continually evolves through interactions with their owner via the WhatsGull chat system.
As seagulls and owners interact, they learn from each other, further enhancing the Gully’s character and consciousness.

What is the WhatsGull chat?

The WhatsGull chat system is an integral part of the Gully Gang project. It’s the medium through which owners can interact with their seagulls, helping to shape and evolve the seagulls’ personalities. This system facilitates a dynamic exchange, where both the Gully NFT and its owner can learn and grow from each other.

How does g.u.L.L.M. tech work?

The GPT technology allows each Gully to connect to the internet and access real-time information, thereby transforming your Gully into a personal assistant. This groundbreaking tech offers a wealth of knowledge and support, further enhancing the relationship between the Gully and its owner.

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